H&S Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Ihr Spezialist für PLEXIGLAS®, Acrylglas, Makrolon, Polycarbonat ...
PLEXIGLAS� is characterized by elegance, brilliance and color consistency. With these attributes, it draws attention to all indoor items, messages and designer objects.


H&S Kunststofftechnik GmbH produces displays, shop equipment, sales and presentation systems for our customers all over the world.

Our production bases mostly on customer specifications like samples, drawings or computer-based information and on our drafts.

We mainly manufacture Plexiglas and Makrolon, but also SAN, PS and PVC. These excellent materials are offered to our customers as finished products or components, sometimes in combination with metal or wood.


CAD-systems for engineering and CAD/CAM-technology for the control of our center of drill and milling machines enable an efficient manufacturing of raw materials up to 3.050 x 2.050 mm.

To always be able to produce at low cost, the technical operating equipment is kept at the cutting edge of technology.

Our generous stock and reliable suppliers makes it possible to realize short-term contracts in time. In the areas of screen-printing, pad printing and injection molding, we cooperate with highly efficient partners. 


Our machines achieve exactly measured cuts, controlled by computers with cut optimization. Milling and polishing with diamonds realize highly transparent edges without thermo effects.

Furthermore, we frequently apply CAD-technology for mold making and methods for thermoplastic deformation.